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RIDER TRAINING NZ LTD is owned and operated by Dawn and Stephen White.  
Dawn riding her old Hayabusa (on the Left)

Steve on his old GSXR1000 (on right)

Back in the days when EVERY weekend was a ride weekend!
Dawn is a NZTA Approved Motorcycle Instructor and holds Instructor ratings for Classes 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. 
She holds a National Certificate in Driving (Heavy Vehicles), Driver Educator and is a NZQA Workplace Assessor. 

Dawn riding her R1 doing a Track Day in Taupo
Dawn has been riding road motorcycles for the past 19 years and is an active member of Kiwibiker, organising training nights and motorcycle tours around New Zealand.
Riding various types and styles of Motorcycles from the High-Performance Yamaha R1 and Hayabusa to Adventure riding on a DR650 to commuting on a ZXR250A, VFR400 (NC30) or touring on a RF900 or GSX1300BK. 
Currently she has 2x GSR750 (Work Bikes) and a Harley Streetglide

Dawn having a bit of fun on a Minimoto.

How guys can go full tilt on these - I dunno....

Test Riding the B-King

Love at first throttle blip!

So good, we've purchased three of them now!

You may have noticed we have change the
exhausts - removed the 'bat ears' and put on
Yoshimura pipes to give them a distinctive growl :)

  Pictures from our tour of the South Island March 2010

2009 and 2008 Suzuki B-King GSX1300BK

The B-King is based on a Suzuki Concept bike which made its debut at the 2001 Tokyo Motor show.  It has the second generation 1340cc Hayabusa motor producing 181HP and is capable of doing below 9secs on the 1/4mile stock standard.

Pictured here were Dawn and Steve's identical B-Kings, the one on the left is now the one Steve rides (was Dawns before she purchased the Blue/White one she now rides) and the one on the right has since been sold.

Taken during our tour down South on the road to Milford Sound back in 2010.

Small detour on the way down South

Stop and admire the Windfarm in Palmerston North

B-Kings strapped down securely on the Aratere

for the Wellington - Picton ferry crossing

Dawns' B-King at the base of the Otira Gorge

On the Arthurs Pass road to Greymouth

"Somethings wrong with my engine!"

The Fred Flintstones Motorcycle Collection

Just south out of Greymouth

The chap on the right is Mike who is a Motorcycle Instructor who has
helped us out at our school from time to time in the past.

His helmet is famous in Cycletreads!

Great shot of Steve riding his B-King into Wanaka

After visiting the Fighter Pilots Museum

3 Suzukis in front of the Homer Tunnel on the road out to Milford Sound


Note the sign stating that the traffic lights change every 15mins - Its a one-way system through the tunnel.

And yes, that is snow on the left hand side, not yellow snow - but almost the kind of snow you don't want to touch!

Dawns B-King at Milford Sound with Mitre Peak in the background. 

Sandflies a-plenty! Remeber to keep your mouth closed or you get a free lunch.

Even saw a Weka bird or two.

At the end of New Zealand.


Great for oysters, not particular great for bikes that day as we had to deal with gale-force Sou'westerlys.

Fairly scarey stuff when you stop at a set of traffic lights and you and the bike nearly topple from the gale winds that tackle you side-on.

The REAL worlds fastest Indian Motorcycle.

The genuine record-breaking bike - No.# 35 Indian Scout

Can be found in the Hammer Hardware shop in Invercargill.

Small collection of Motorcycles of various ages are scattered amongst the chainsaws, paint tins and garden accessories.

One of five replicas made for the filming of the movie 'The worlds fastest Indian'. This one was used in the filming at the 'Bonneville Salt Flats'.

The five bike shells were manufactured in Christchurch.

Two were powered by Indian engines, which were used for the NZ part of the filming.

Two more were powered by Ducati 750cc and used in the American part of filming.

The remaining one was constructed without an engine for Sir Anthony Hopkins to use in the movie scenes.

ust after Steve rode up to the top of Baldwin Street in Dunedin. 

He managed to turn his B-King around without any incident and came back down ;)

This is the WORLDS Steepest Street!

The Guiness book of records says so!

Luckily, no Jaffa's rolling down the hill that day (they have an annual event with Cadburys Factory being based there)