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Khoi Pham

10:56 h

Did my basic handling, CBT1 and CBT2 with Steve, awesome man. Very helpful in the CBT training and test, learn quite a lot experience from him. The pre-test lesson worth every penny and highly recommended! Thanks guys :)

Nadine Rathjens

 03:10 h

Took the Full Monty course today and it was great, zonked the same corner and landed on the ground 3 times on the same corner but an astonishingly patient Steve got me through to passing the test and riding without fear of killing innocent bystanders haha- a great day and I'm definitely going to be coming back for the CBTA courses :~)


 09:17 h

Thank you so much Steve for the amazing mentoring. Highly recommended to beginner riders!!!


17:13 h

Just like to say thanks to Dawn - I did the pre-ride assessment before taking my CBT1 test and it was invaluable - silly little habits that I had formed over a short period of time would have made me fail had I not taken the pre-ride assessment. Great feedback and guidance - still putting my right foot down first Dawn ;) work in progress. Will be back in a month to take my CBT2

Paul Belli

18:39 h

The training is great and the staff are really helpful. I would recommend this to anyone looking at getting top quality training. Thanks guys!


20:52 h

The training is great and the staff are really helpful. I would recommend this to anyone looking at getting top quality training. Thanks guys!

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 Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when do you conduct training / testing sessions?

We are based out of Westgate (Massey) and sometimes out of Albany (North Shore), we only conduct CBTA during the weekends. Call, txt or email us to find out when we are holding the next sessions or you can check the Course Dates page to find out when the next sessions are coming up.  

How do I book?
Bookings can be made through or by phoning or texting us on 0210334766.   As we operate on a first-come-first-served policy and not on a specified course timetable, we will offer you a booking time.  If this is not suitable, we will do our best to find a time that works for you. Please take the time and read our Terms and Conditions listed below. 

How and when do I pay?

We require all Training and / or Testing to be paid before commencement day. Usually this is done via Internet banking. Once a Day/Time is set, we will send the banking details to you. No payment = no secured booking.   Sorry, cheques and credit cards are not accepted. 
Our Bank details for deposits for Bookings is 12-3236-0730249-11, we will also give you a Reference code so we can track your payment.

What happens if it rains on the day?
Training takes place regardless of weather. Unfortunately riding in the rain is part of Motorcycling, so why not start now?  However, lessons may be rescheduled when severe weather conditions warrant - this is at RTNZs discretion, we will only contact you if we postpone.  (Dangerous Winds and / or Rain). This is why we need a contactable phone number when booking.

What kind of Motorcycles do you use for CBTA?

We do not provide a Motorcycle for CBTA. You will need to either own / borrow or rent a LAMS-Approved Motorcycle. Ensure it is Road-Legal (up to WOF standards, including current Registration and WOF). We can provide a list of suppliers that rent LAMS Motorcycles. Our Instructors use Suzuki GSR750s.

Can a mate and I take the course at the same time?
Yes and No. We can book you both on the same day however CBTA is only one-on-one. You can book back-to-back and use the same Motorcycle (provided it is LAMS and Road-Legal.

I already own a Motorcycle, can I do the test on it?
Yes you can but it must comply with a few requirements.  It must be a Road Registered Motorcycle (LAMS approved) in a road worthy condition and can be either auto or manual.  Please ensure it has a current Registration and WOF and it is displayed so the Instructor can check. Also check these items;

  • No damage that could be a safety issue, broken Levers or Footpegs,
  • Chain - (If fitted) Not too tight or loose, lubricated
  • Tyres - Not below legal tread level, no damage and correct tyre pressures
  • Lights - Indicators, both Brake lights, Tail and Head Light in working order
  • Horn - In working order
  • Display L Plate - Must be on the rear of the Motorcycle and clearly seen (If you are holding a Learner Licence)
  • Ensure you wear Clothing suitable for riding a Motorcycle, including Gloves. No bare skin.

If you have any queries or questions feel free to drop us a line at and we will get back to you with an answer.

 Terms and Conditions

Please take the time to read the following terms and conditions as they are there for your safety information and protection. These terms should be read and construed as forming an agreement between Rider Training NZ Ltd, here after referred to as “RTNZ”, and the student or customer here after referred to as “the student”. 

Safety and responsibilities

RTNZ will endeavour to make your training as safe and enjoyable as possible.However, there is always a small element of risk in connection with the use of any Motorcycle, which cannot be totally eliminated. Unlike a car, your instructor can have no direct control over your vehicle and ultimately it is your responsibility to ride safely under the guidance of our instructors. RTNZ and its employees will not be accountable for any accident or incident that may occur during the training. Any damages occurred will be at the cost of the student / applicant. 

Trainee Conduct
You are responsible for always acting in accordance with the directions and advice given to you by your instructor during your training sessions. You are also responsible for making sure that you are adequately dressed and protected for motorcycle riding. You are obliged to inform us of any physical condition or otherwise that could adversely affect safety or training.  You must not be over tired, injured, or suffering from any ailment or have taken any drugs which could affect your riding.  You must inform your instructor if there are any problems in this respect.  The student must arrive in plenty of time to allow for the course to start on time. Lateness will result in loss of the students allocated training time.  The Instructor has the right to halt or suspend training of a customer if he/she believes the student is incapacitated in any way through drink or drugs, or fails to comply with instructions or safety standards.  

Cancellations & Refunds

Life can throw the occasional curve ball. You may fall sick or be called back for emergency work.  RTNZ recognizes that situations arise that may require you to cancel or change your booking.   If you can give us at least 48 hours notice prior to commencement of your course we are happy to rebook a time to suit both parties. This can be done either by email or phone call / txt. Anything less than 48hrs will incur a minimum of 50% of course payment for loss of downtime.

 The CBTA fees may be be forfeited by the student under the following circumstances:

  1. The student fails to arrive within 1hr of commencement of a CBTA Training and Test Package
  2. The student fails to arrive within 10mins of commencement of a CBTA Test Only (no training)
  3. During your course if you do not adhere to the Instructors instruction or damage the motorcycle (rental only);
  4. During your course, if you decide not to continue with your training, then no refund of the course cost is given.
  5. The Instructor retains the right to withdraw the student from the selected course if the Instructor believes that the required standards of safety and control will not or have not been achieved.
  6. Student fails to wear appropriate Motorcycle gear or supply correct Licence
  7. The Motorcycle supplied by the Student for CBTA, is not;
  • LAMS Approved
  • Is not in a Road-Legal Condition (according to WOF Standards)
  • Does not display a L-Plate (Learners only)
  • Any other Non-Compliance issue relating to CBTA

Use of own Motorcycle for Test
Please ensure that the Motorcycle you use for CBTA is a Road-Registered and is Road-Legal condition with a Minimum Engine size of 125cc. This is due to being required to do 'Open Road Speeds'. Anything smaller usually will not be suitable for CBTA Training or Testing. In short the responsibility for ensuring that your bike is suitable and eligible for test is yours.  RTNZ reserves the right to refuse to train a student on their own machine if they deem the machine to be unsuitable for training purposes.

RTNZ accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage, for any reason, to any students personal property. Any damage caused to a students own Motorcycle whilst being used for training and / or testing purposes is the responsibility of the student. 

When you book with Rider Training (NZ), you are deemed to have read and accept the above terms and conditions.