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Here we will post pictures and general stuff of what we have been up to and were we have been (when we haven't been run off our feet training all of you out there!)

South Island Tour on our Harleys - March 2016

   Watch this space for photos - coming soon!

Auckland Anniversary Weekend -Jan 2014

The plan was to ride around the East Cape..........in good weather. Conflicting reports stated we may get rain or showers, who knows these days?

After arriving in Whakatane on Saturday afternoon, I took Steve around the nice spots

(I am a regular visitor when I do Truck Training / Assessing so know the town well)

Including watching some of the locals getting through the bar / entranceway

Gibbo's for Fish n Chips

Very popular spot with the locals

Before heading off from Whakatane -

Next stop Opotiki for fuel then SH35 around 'the long way' down to Gisborne.

Wonderful riding conditions on the East Coast - until we got soaked!

Having a break under the shelter of an enormous Pohutakawa Tree

Thanks to the sheer size of this tree, we had a nice break and kept out of the rain.

Another sore bum break - in a One Horse town. 

Was raining enough to limit our vision and make the roads slick....

Late lunch at Taloga Bay.

We rode through Gisborne and came back north via SH2 and the Waioeka Gorge. The only problem was that the last hour of riding was in torrential rain.

The photo doesn't do this justice - the bikes were filthy!

Long winding sodden roads along the East Cape as well as the the gorge - took us a fair amount of time to wash the bikes when we got back!

 Auckland Anniversary Weekend 2013

A 3-day trip on the Harleys up to Russell in the Bay of Islands.  Damn fine road trip, managed about 1200kms, with the intention of running in the new Harley - only problem is Ive now got too many kms and will have to get it serviced before the HOG National Rally in a few weeks time!

Pie stop in Awanui, on the way north to Houhora.  Got to feed the machine AND the rider!

The bikes on the car ferry traveling across from Opua to Okiato.  To be honest the trip around on the Old Russell Road is much better than paying the $5.50 and taking the short-cut across with the ferry.... We had a good excuse however - we had been up to Houhora and were on our way back to our cabin in Russell for the night.

 Pink Ribbon Ride 2012

Great Ride had today by all.

320 Riders braved the fickle Auckland weather to come out and support Pink Ribbon Day to raise money for Breast Cancer awareness :)

Well done to WIMA for the organisation of a great ride, it's great to go and support a well deserving ride.

Certainly good to catch up with so many of our past students! Awesome to see you all progressing well and some now have their bigger bikes. Well done!

Pink everywhere!

Weather threatening to drop but just holding off for now....

Bikes everywhere!

Had a small shower but that was the worst of it, here comes the blue sky....

Some of the Auckland HOG Chapter

A VERY strong ladies presence, GO GIRLS!

Even a good representation from the Spyder owners!

While we were down at Western Springs, this chap popped over from MOTAT to see what all the fuss was about - was interesting to see how he mounted / dismounted the Penny Farthing :)

He was demonstrating how well balanced one can be on one.

- No pneumatic tyres, just solid rubber on a rim.

He may not have a motor, but it's got TWO WHEELS!

 Thailand 2012

As some of these photos show, motorized two and (sometimes) three wheels are an important part of Thai life.

Welcome to Bangkok!

Just a normal day with Bangkok traffic, the King of Thailand asked his people to use Motorcycles and Scooter to reduce congestion.  Imagine if they had all stuck to driving cars like most Aucklanders do?

There are 7 lanes heading North and 1 lane heading South.

Your run-of-the-mill Thailand TUK-TUK

And no it isn't 4WD either....

Usually powered by a noisy 2-stoke.

Be careful of the tuk-tuk driver, he likes the gem and tailors shops.  If you like to barter you can get somewhere fast and very cheap but he can also lead you astray..... LOL

If you intend on visiting Thailand and have never been before, I suggest you google tuk-tuk scams ;)


These guys in the Orange vests are Taxi bikes.  You can hail them just like a normal taxi or a tuk-tuk but they are much cheaper...

If you enjoy riding and want to make a dollar why not make a job out of it??

TAXI Motorbike Men hideout.

Must be where they come back for smoko and tell stories about how close they came to a bus / truck / car / train etc

Bikes are such a large part of Thai life, they move house with them!

This particular bike has the thin, bicycle tyres that is favored by some Thais.

Taken down at the Patpong night markets (good place to get crap)

Typical home-made three-wheeler that you see in many of the villages around Thailand.

Used for carrying anything from the groceries, food stands, kids to school, jet skis, anything else you strap on and the family home from work.

Shopping at the local market north of Bangkok - fancy some roast rodent?

There was also a selection of frogs, small snakes and beetles that they ground down into a fine powder.... not my kind of food...

But I do love Mangosteens!

Typical street scene in a quiet town north of Bangkok. Everyone finds a spare space to park their scooter. 

Locals ride past on the three-wheeler wearing nothing more than a straw hat for a helmet and jandals for footwear, not much comfort for the passenger as he is sitting on the luggage rack.

Random bikes parked up while people do their shopping.

Now, where did I leave my bike?

Only 2 rows of 6 at the bike shed at the Chanacuk Markets (JJ Markets)

Said to be the largest outdoor markets in the world!

While visiting a State forest north of Bangkok, we came across this group of riders out for an afternoon jaunt. 

See if you can spot the odd bike out of this lot....

3 Ninja 250's and a Honda CBR 250, in the white.

It hasn't got two wheels but hey, it's a novelty!

Myself and Steve aboard an impressive Asian Elephant strolling around the park grounds. 

Steve is occasionally being blown in the face and hasn't been this excited since pulling up a 20 pound Snapper!

As I'm a truck assessor by day, I do take an interest in trucking -

I noticed a few of the trucks had these tanks attached to the back of the cabs, which I can only assume as CNG or equivalent.  Seemed to be mainly on the highway trucks that do linehaul from Cambodia - Vietnam - Thailand.  seems this truck would be carrying cement.

Out of all the Bike and Car interactions we saw over the two week stay (and there were a lot of close-driving) - this was the only serious incident we saw.

We hired a Scooter - Yamaha 135cc while our stay at Kata Beach, Phuket. Was about 250 baht per day so works out to being about only $12 NZD

Wearing of helmets is law over in Thailand but is so relaxed that locals don't really wear them but police do sometime pick on the tourist to 'boost' the coffers...

Police Motorcycle we happen to see while scootering around Phuket

Stopped to take a photo and the officer was amused that we had taken a photo!

Phuket BP Station

Filling up at the Gas station - costs 40 baht per Whiskey bottle

So thats about $2NZD per 1125mls

3 on a bikes = more fun!

Mobile food stall motors past but you gotta love the cheeky smile of the thai girls on the scooter

The genuine thai people are very lovely :)

Some Thai ladies sit side-saddle on the back, both legs on one side not one leg one each side. 

Why they do this, I not sure - would hate to think how they would end up if the ride in control had to brake hard to avoid a car?

Walking down the street in Kata Beach, Phuket. 

Bikes everywhere.

So what else can you carry on a three-wheeler?

How about 9 surfboards?

Sorry folks but this does make me a bit annoyed - a Father and his two kids. 

They don't have lids (helmets) on but if they come off at even 30 kph, imagine the amount of skin they would lose on the road... shame on Dad. Just because you are on holiday - DON'T switch the brain off!

Advertising Tuk-tuks in Phuket as we leave for Phuket airport. 

We have just caught the start of the rainy season!